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This flyer may be downloaded and printed if you need information to hand out to prospective owners or at exhibitions, shows, etc.


Achievement Awards

2014 recipients of the Achievement Award are:


(1) *Menai Mama Mia, owner Stephanie Abronson;

(2) Jaycob’s Princess Polina, owner Stephanie Abronson;

(3) Lazy J Bailefs Cowboy, 0wner Sarah Frushour;

(4) Heather Hill Eleri , owner Laura Stevens;

(5) Heather Hill Bethan, owner Laura Stevens, junior award Amelia Hancock

(6) Cairngan Tym, owner Salome Milstead, junior award Louisa Varni

(7) Farmore Royal Jubilee, owner Tammy Burgin, junior award Katie Bischoff

(8) McKintosh Sweet Nik-Nak, owner Kathy Felix, junior award Katrina Kirth

(9) Heather Hill Gemini, owner Laura Stevens

(10) Heather Rhun, owner Laura Stevens.



2013 Achievement Award Winners

Umpteenth year:

*Menai Mama Mia
Owner: Stephanie Abronson
Adohr Carriage Drive
Driven Dressage Festival
Day of the Horse at Thousand Oaks

Jaycobs Princess Polina
Sweetheart Arena Driving Trial
Arnold Riffle Driving Clinic
Buck Brannaman Clinic, etc.

4th year:

Lazy J Bailefs Cowboy
Owner: Sarah Frushour
Livermore Hunter Clinic
Don R Hirons Memorial Open Horse Show
Patty Knudson Trail Clinic

2nd year:

Heather Hill Eleri
Owner: Laura Stevens
Moss Beach Ranch 3 day Event
JK Presents Open Horse Show
25 hours of trail riding

1st year:

Heather Hill Bethan
Laura Stevens
Moss Beach 3 Day Event
Seven Oaks Dressage Show
25 hours of Trail riding

1st year and Junior Achievement Award Winner:

Clanfair Laurie Ann
Amanda LeNay
Taylor LeNay-Junior Certificate
Karen Cornelius Dressage Clinic
Marcly Farms Open Show
Pony Club Show Jumping Rally

2011 Award Winners

Achievement Award Rules

CLICK HERE for the Achievement Award Event Form

1. The pony must be a purebred or half-bred Welsh registered with the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America, Inc. The award is won by the pony.

2. Owner must be a current member of the WPCAC.

3. The pony must participate in three different divisions. This means that if you go to an open show, then your other two events must be something besides an open show.

4. There is a $20.00 sign-up fee for a framed certificate and award or a $5.00 sign-up fee for a certificate only.

5. Participants will have one calendar year to complete participation in the three divisions. Upon application, the official forms will be sent to each participating member. The completed forms must be turned in by December 1st in the year of participation. The awards will be presented at the Annual Awards Meeting. If you cannot come to the Annual Meeting, then you will have to have someone pick up your awards for you or pay for shipping costs.

6. Each event must be entered on an official WPCAC form and signed by the event secretary, stating that the member and pony participated in the events.

7. Members do not have to win or place at the events, simply participate.

8. Members may participate in this program year after year.

9. After three years of successful participation, a new certificate will be given.

Divisions are:
Open shows (Non WPCAC
3-day eventing
Combined driving
Cattle penning
Endurance – 25 miles or more
Trail riding or driving (logging
in 25 hours in the official
WPCAC log book)
Drill Teams
Pulling Events
Historical Drives
All breed demonstrations
4-H projects
Pony Club rating
Driving club sanctioned events
Any other activity


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